Stephen Sottong

Welcome. I’m a retired engineering librarian whose current passion is writing fiction and science-fiction. I live in beautiful Humboldt County in northern California behind the Redwood Curtain. The area has the tallest trees in the world and some of the most stunning scenery imaginable.

In addition to writing, I co-teach a basic beekeeping course and maintain web pages for non-profit organizations.

You can Email me , and you might also want to read my Blog or find me on FaceBook or Twitter.


I’ve been writing since I was about ten. In my professional life, I was required to write for scholarly journals in order to get tenure. The texts are dry and dated. Don’t bother looking for them. Only since retirement have I been able to pursue writing fiction full time.

My story “Planetary Scouts” won a third place in the 2013 Writers of the Future contest. Being chosen as one of the top three stories from a field that is estimated at a thousand or more international entries is a singular honor. My thanks to the judges. Writers of the Future Vol. XXIX is available in print and ebook at Barnes & Noble and Amazon and ebook only on Kobo.

I wrote one of the chapters in the book Writing After Retirement an anthology of tips and tricks for older writers. My chapter covers both voice in writing and the setup of your writing area. It’s available on Amazon Kindle and trade paperback, Barnes and Noble in both electronic and paper form, and Kobo in both formats.

“Transition 12” appears in the Fall 2017 issue of Mythic magazine. Fog was awarded best fiction in the 2016 edition of the Toyon and will appear in Quickfic Anthology 5. “Colony One” appears in the anthology Fifty Flashes. “The Travel Writer” is read on the podcast The Centropic Oracle and “Orbital Decay” is on the Manawaker podcast. The flash fiction “Refugee” appears in Paper Butterfly Flash. In September of 2013 “Dinner Date” was published on The flash piece “Friends” appears in the anthology 100 Worlds and in Quickfic Anthology 1. “Escort” is in the anthology Sex Droids and Their Cyborg Toys. “Aftermath” appeared on The Were-Traveler. “Cloudy” is available in Noyo River Review.

A few of my works have been published locally. One of my flash fiction was a finalist in the North Coast Journal’s competition in 2012 (search for Harry and Revelations) and a sequel to Harry in 2013 (search for Lois) and 2014 (search for Encounter), and Visitation and Orbit in 2015 both of which were also in the Mensa Bulletin. The poem “American Moloch” also appeared in the North Coast Journal.

And finally, my novel with an alternate view of the Rapture and Tribulation, The Remnant is now available on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Kobo. Unlike The Leftovers, The Remnant retains the timeline and the standard characters of the rapture and tribulation, and unlike the Left Behind series, The Remnant presents realistic, non-stereotyped characters in those situations.